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Women of the Market: Maura Ambrose

January 10, 2014 BY JESS H.

Being that Texas is undeniably the best state ever, when we came across Maura of Folk Fibers, a meet up was almost immediately in pursue. Folk Fibers was launched in early 2011 after a long cross country road trip and many sources of inspiration. Maura incorporates self grown dyes of various colors to form simple, eco-friendly, one of a kind designs with exceptional quality.


Words and Interview by Jess Hemenway/Photos by Will Foster

Tell us about yourself

I'm a quilter living in Bastrop with my husband. I love nature and I love my 2 pet bunnies. They got the most expensive Christmas gift at our house this year: a new inside hutch so they can hang out downstairs with me all day.

What do you love most about Austin?

The community of creative people is so encouraging. I think sometimes makers and doers can feel so competitive, but Austin has a great balance of get-up-and-go and you-go-get-em.

Best BBQ joint?


Drink of choice?

I love an ice cold Topo Chico with a slice of lime.

Currently reading:

"Empire of the Summer Moon" It's about the Comanche Indian tribe.




How long does each quilt take you?

It varies widely depending on how detailed the piecing is and the overall size. Generally I'd say 2-4 weeks.

Can you tell us a little about those amazing boxes the quilts are shipped in?

Aren't they incredible?! Those are made by my good friend and neighbor Kelly DeWitt.

What led you to using only natural dyes and in return growing your own indigo plants?

I've always had a green thumb and I spent a couple years working on organic farms. The growing and dyeing is a passion of mine and I feel lucky to be able to combine that with the quilting. We moved recently so I'm starting from scratch and hope to get some things in the ground again soon.




Receiving the 2013 American Made honoree award is an amazing accomplishment-- would you say this award helped you as a small business?

Absolutely. The team at Martha Stewart is just incredible, I'm so thankful to have that opportunity and that stage. The press and recognition I've received in the last couple years is just crazy. It's very humbling.

We have to ask-- what was Martha Stewart like?

Unfortunately I only got to pose with her for a minute or so in front of photographers. But she was very kind and is incredibly beautiful in person.

What inspires you?

Tradition, nature, friends, community, family.




What are you working on now?

I've always got a couple quilts going.

Is there a quote or mantra you live by?

I tend to be very positive and believe that the best possible scenario it's what's going to happen. It works surprisingly well.

What’s next?

I'm just trying to figure out how to share the crafts of dyeing and quilting with more people.