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November 06, 2013 BY WATM


So many fall essentials, so little time. This week, Bahr focuses on hoodies and jackets, the perfect winter boots, a few hats and a whole lotta must-haves. Check out his list!

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Im mean who from the 80s skate scene doesnt know about Lifes A Beach? They were one of the dopest surf/skate brands back in the day. Back in high school when I worked at SoHo Skate, we moved quite a few To Serve And Protect Trojan tees and Jetsons shorts. The brand has re-launched a small capsule collection of tees, hoodies, and sweats. Those that know will definitely be coppin!

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Just when you thought youve seen all variations of the Country Brogue Boot here comes Mark McNairy with an all-black Vibram sole on Oxblood upper shitkickers. They might look clunky and heavy, but theyre light as a feather. I usually stray away from the Vibram because white is a no-no for me. Haven, one of my Canadian watering holes launched this awesome new McNasty in 3 great colors. Black, Navy, and Oxblood. Im a sucker for burgundy.

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Former NY Giant and Hall Of Fame linebacker Carl Banks has been quarterbacking the apparel company G-IIIs NFL product licensing for some time now and always has his finger on the pulse of hot team apparel. Last year he came with the Detroit Lions leather sleeved varsity jacket (the one Eddie Murphy wore in Beverly Hills Cop) and the frenzy was epic. This year he decided to bring that ol feeling back with the re-launch of the ever so dope Starter jacket that was blazing all through the 80s and 90s. I had the navy Georgetown and the gold Lakers, and wore them well if I do say so myself. This release includes a few of your best NBA and NFL teams and Im sure theyll come correct with the MLB joints too. Dont sleep for the holidays.

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Got a 2-for-1 here from my good friends over at Acapulco Gold. 1st is the mean Tiger Stripe Camo cargo pants -- they are really well made (you can always count on quality with AG) and can be paired with any boot, shoe, or sneaker. So dont be scared; these are under the radar but Im putting them on BLAST. Secondly, we have the Big Poppa 5-Panel. Need I say more? If you dont know, now you know!

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converseConverse X NEIGHBORHOOD blue ribbon suede Chuck Taylors

Okay a $120 Chuck Taylor WTF? But Converse teamed up with NEIGHBORHOOD, one of the dopest Japanese streetwear brands around, to roll out this butter blue suede Chuck Taylor 70s Oxford with extra cushioning and original stitching. These are gonna move like a hurricane wind, so good luck finding them. You might have to hit eBay, or do some serious trollin.

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This year marks Timberlands 40th Anniversary and the brand is releasing four classic boots from their archives. This is the 3rd installment and its good. The World Hiker is from the mid-90s and was one of the best hiking boots around. I dont stomp around the woods much, but I do navigate the mean streets of New York and if thats not urban-hiking than what is? Grab a pair and go all 90s with some baggy jeans and a Polo rugby.

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He brought you daisies on camo last summer and now Mark is channeling Ernie from Sesame Street with this ode to everyones favorite bathtub friend. The Rubber Duckie cap is moving like crack (Pharrell wears his almost every day), so gather your gumption and hit McNastys new improved website to drop some paper. Quack! Quack!

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Here we enter the window shopping hurts portion of my hit list, but I couldnt ignore this gem from my favorite brand CDG. Its clothing as art. Fine knit and camouflage is never wrong, but the price is! I might have to go the hood and play the numbers.

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Venturing further into the depths of flyness, we find this slim-fit wool patchwork coat from our good friend Junya Watanabe. Not everybody can pull this off or even try, but this would be a done deal on my back! Call me Iceberg Brown (the flyest ninja in any town).

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