What's In Store With Bahr Brown!?

October 23, 2013 BY WATM

Bahr Cover

Things are getting cozy in Bahr's latest foray into finding the hottest shit on the shelves. From Dipset and Nike to Pendleton Blankets, McNairy swag & more....check out what's in store!

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Zippy-2Zippy Overshirt from Mark McNairy

Mark McNairy recently re-launched his website and besides looking much better, there is a lot of new product up for Fall. This wool patchwork shirt caught my eye, because I like the button or snap up option, all in one. Quite different. Color scheme and overall feel with the mix of blue, grey and hits of herringbone make this a cool layering piece for the cooler months.

What else is in store?

z_2367_0_4Scratched out Crew from SSUR

Hedi wont like this (youve heard about his beef with high-end French retailer Colette concerning Saint Laurent parody tees) but SSUR goes in to poke a little fun and leave his mark on the back and forth, and his is kinda dope. No need for me to explain, but for him to pull SSUR out of YSL it works.

What else is in store?

DSC01679_1024x1024DSC01516_1024x1024Yuketen Pola Chukka from Kith

If you dont know Yuketen, youre not up on your footwear business. Theyre crafting some of the best shoes on the market with interesting interpretations of classics and top notch quality. Its no wonder that the brands jump into the sneaker arena is strong. I just came across this Pola Chukka, the first of their sneaker designs and my jaw dropped. Made in Italy. Call me flashy, but I am about the velvet. Beef N Broccoli color or all Black. Any which way, these are a must cop.

What else is in store?

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 10.46.34 AMNike Shield Flash Jacket from Nike

This season Nike is all about gearing you up for running at night or just looking extra fly on these streets while swathed in 3M with its Flash Pack. I like reflective shit, so this is right up my alley. Whether you run or not these jackets are functional for weather protection and for blocking that wind. One thing you know, you wont get hit by a car while enjoying a night on the town.

What else is in store?

10578117_120717223000Wahl Custom Electric Shaver from Target

Heres one of my personal favorites for shaving maintenance in between weekly trips to the barber. Wahls Custom Shaver is what you could also call Mans Best Friend in the grooming category. Ive had mine for over five years and back then it wasnt available at Target. It was strictly barber supply. These are convenient at home or when traveling. For those 5 oclock shadow mornings, bust out the Wahl and be smoother than a babys ass in minutes.

What else is in store?

nike-woven-blue03Nike Free Inneva Woven Sp Obsidian from Tres Bien

Ok, Ok, Ok! You might think Im buggin for posting these Nike Inneva Wovens for a record 3rd time, but this colorway is the best to date. Obsidian (means: dark navy in Niketalk) can be coupled with anything and look great. I have black and wolf grey and I like to use the hash tag #comfyasf**k when describing these. Yes they are a bit expensive for Nike and theres no branding whatsoever but these might be the most slept on fashion sneaker around.

What else is in store?

jacket_1020Rokkvi Neoshell Jacket from Norse Projects

Norse Projects has stepped into the technical outwear realm this season andwell, you can see for yourself. Im obsessed. The Rokkvi Neoshell is a combination of great quality and low key style done only the way my boys at Norse can.

What else is in store?

1005236-9Green Heather Camp Blanket from Need Supply Co

Sleeping outdoors hasnt been my thing since seeing the movie Grizzly back in 1976. Im forever scarred, so dont ask me to go camping. But I would gladly take this blanket by Pendleton straight to the couch its a great piece for chillin. Add as a throw over your down comforter and keep yourself and your loved ones warm and snuggly this winter.

What else is in store?

MG_9652_1024x1024MG_9648_1024x1024MG_9644_1024x1024Dipset Nike Dri-Fit Socks from V Files

Harlems own Dipset continues to stay relevant in all aspects of entertainment and fashion, even after all these years. After Killa Cams blowout sell-thru of his popular Nike Dri-Fit socks, not to mention the Alife release, here comes the logo on three different color socks. They are selling for a whopping $150 (oh Vfiles), but these are going to be collectors items in the next 10 years. Dipset! Dipset! Dipset! Dipset!

What else is in store?

WR_23855_BLKWoolrich Black Wool Hat

This hat has been a staple accessory for me since my youth and Im old. Woolrichs Oatmeal Ragg Wool Hat isnt a fashion item, its a winter necessity. Ive gone through my share of these I replace it every few winters because I dont do pilled wool. Hey, at $24 you cant go wrong!

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