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Vegas City Guide: They’ll Tell You Where To Go!

February 04, 2014 BY WE ARE THE MARKET

Skip The Strip! These Vegas vets share their favorite spots to eat and drink in Sin City.



Double Down Saloon

Recommended by Steve “Dirty” Wolski, Director, BPMW Agency

There are many kinds of disgusting in Las Vegas. The Double Down is the kind that serves Ass Juice and Bacon Martinis in a complete shithole of a bar. That’s the good kind. I once went to the Double Down with an Interweb famous menswear blogger who shall remain nameless. The bouncer wouldn’t let him in. “You’ re wearing a blazer, only assholes wear blazers.” ‘Nough said.

Slots A Fun

Recommended by Hillary Taymour, Collina Strada

I prefer Slots A Fun to do most of my drinking… conveniently located near the Golden Arches with a kitschy name. Here you find yourself sitting amongst the “real gamblers” playing $1 slots all night. Standard Vegas rules apply while gambling -- you get free drinks, they basically pay you to dazzle them with your good looks.

2890 S Las Vegas Blvd.

The Peppermill

Recommended by Ryan Keenan, Meg Company

For that classic Vegas vibe (the Elvis Vegas days).

2985 Las Vegas Blvd.

Frankie’s Tiki Room

Recommended by Jeff Halmos, S&H Athletics

Last time I was in Vegas, I went to this place called Frankie's Tiki Room. Apparently you get a free drink if you're wearing a Hawaiian shirt, which I wasn't. But you can bet there were plenty of people (had to be locals) decked out head to toe. I enjoyed a pina colada (or two), that's for sure.

1712 W Charleston Blvd.

The Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan Hotel

Recommended by Noelle Sciacca, Lucky Magazine

It’s a great spot for drinks if you want to be where the action is. It spans over multiple stories in the center of the hotel and is literally draped in crystal beads to look like a chandelier.

3708 S Las Vegas Blvd.

Circle Bar at The Venetian

Recommended by Adam C. Passarella, The Cools

Simple and easy. The best spot for quick drinks. No lines, and random run ins. The jump off for starting or ending your night and the easiest location for meetings.

3355 S Las Vegas Blvd.




Recommended by Segen Laird Scott, Santa Maria Novella

Bartolotta at The Wynn is the best Italian restaurant this side Italia! The freshest Langoustines grilled to perfection and Spaghetti con Bottarga Sarda di muggine allo zafferano with loads Bottarga ….ask for extra! The lighting is great for anyone….even more when Jet-lagged-

Wynn Hotel, 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Lotus of Siam

Recommended by Courtney Bonnell, Favors Agency

My favorite restaurant is Lotus of Siam. Lotus has the best Thai food around (especially the Tom Yam soup and Short Rib panang) and BPMW’s Eric Giraldi always orders for everyone, so that just makes it easy.

953 East Sahara Avenue

El Segundo Sol

Recommended by Daniel Torjman, 18 Waits

Every time we're in Vegas we go to El Segundo Sol restaurant. It's Mexican - across from the Wynn hotel (on the strip). The food is good, happy hour even better and it's reasonably priced (for something on the strip). Nothing like tacos and many margaritas and cervezas after a day of showing...

3200 Las Vegas Strip

Joe’s Stone Crab

Recommended by Mark McNairy

It ain’t Miami, but it’ll do.

3500 S Las Vegas Blvd

Pho So 1

Recommended by Ryan Keenan, Meg Company

I don’t wanna give away our favorite secret spot so I’ll recommend a nice alternative: Pho So 1 – the best Vietnamese food in Vegas (so fresh!).

4745 Spring Mountain Rd.

M&M Soul Food Cafe.

Recommended by Terry Ellis, Beams Japan

They serve grits. Things come smothered in gravy...or not….I go there by myself at lunchtime and order chitterlings and short ribs...smothered.

The restaurant is a 15 minute taxi ride from the strip. From outside its windows are mirrored and have hand painted signs in loud colours on them. Inside it looks a bit 70s but not groovy, just old fashioned.

3923 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas


Recommended by: Alex Frank, The Fader

Most of the time in Vegas, you're going to fancy cavernous fusion restaurants with names like Koi and Tao and Jaleo, but I always make sure I hit up In-N-Out Burger on Dean Martin Drive. I cherish the scattered non-hotel moments you have in Vegas that don't involve dark lighting and air-conditioning so cold that your apple martini freezes, and In-N-Out feels like the most calorie-filled family restaurant you could ever imagine in a place like Las Vegas.

4888 Dean Martin Dr.

Café Martorano

Recommended by Deirdre Maloney, Capsule Show

I love meatballs. And where else can you eat rich Italian food, and listen to loud hip hop music, while watching sub-titled gangster movies on many TV screens?

3700 W. Flamingo Rd.