TWOTHIRDS: "Sea You Soon"

March 13, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

For those not in the know, TWOTHIRDS is a surf brand from San Sebastian, Spain. They design for a community of people who share their love of surfing and the ocean and who have a thirst for substance and style. Yet they go beyond just paying lip service to the surfer lifestyle: their garments are eco-friendly, their packaging is bio-degradable, and they give a percentage of their profits to charities that actively work to protect water and the ocean. Theyre so green, theyre blue.

Sea You Soon is a capsule collection designed by TWOTHIRDS Sentinel (its like a really cool brand ambassador) Emil Kozak. This small group of t-shirts and sweatshirts reflects Emils experience as a surfer and artist, drawing on his deep connection to the waves. Though he grew up on a small Danish island, most of his life has been spent in the urban jungles of Copenhagen and Barcelona. In a short video about the collection, Emil tells us in his own words how the power of the ocean inspires his art and his design, as he takes us to the Basque coast of northern Spain.

You can purchase Emil Kozaks Sea You Soon collection online at the TWOTHIRDS website or see more about Emil on his Sentinel page .

Sea You Soon from TWOTHIRDS on Vimeo.