Trippin' with Mark McNairy

January 12, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Seeing as Mark is always on the road, we asked the man behind Mark McNairy New Amsterdam for some well-earned travel advice hes gleaned over the years. With the upcoming market and tradeshow circuits, not to mention all the fashion weeks, shits about to pop off. So pay attention and learn a thing or two from a veteran of the game!


So whats your travel itinerary this upcoming season? FLORENCE, MILAN, BERLIN, PARIS, LAS VEGAS, LONDON.

Where are you most excited to go? HOME

Whats your favorite way to take a break from working during business trips? GETTING FUCKED UP.

What are 3 essential items to bring along when you travel? A CORK SCREW, BIG BOY WIPES, AND ADVIL.

Whats a tip youve learned over the years you can share on how to ensure you have a good trip? SEE #4.

Whats your favorite hotel to stay at this season? CERTAINLY NONE OF THE ONES I WILL BE STAYING AT.

Your favorite food/restaurant in your upcoming travels? BOFINGER AND CHEZ OMAR IN PARIS.

What city has the best neighborhood for a stroll? I WOULD NOT KNOW, BECAUSE I AM ALWAYS FUCKIN' WORKIN.

Which city has the best shopping, and where? I WOULD NOT KNOW, BECAUSE I AM ALWAYS FUCKIN' WORKIN.

Whats a nightmare travel experience youve had, and how can we avoid that in the future? DO NOT RAISE YOUR VOICE AT A CUSTOMS AGENT, UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SURROUNDED BY MORE ARMED CUSTOMS AGENTS

Are you going to bring us back any presents from your trip? I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO BRING YOU BACK ANY PRESENTS, BECAUSE I AM ALWAYS FUCKIN WORKIN.

Cover Photo: Opening Ceremony