Triple Threat of Capsule New York Newcomers


Two brands and one collabo will be making their Capsule New York debuts in two weeks. Find out what they're bringing to the show for SS13 below!

Arpenteur As one of the few brands to source all their materials and produce their entire collection in France, Arpenteur does an impressive job of harking back to days of yore when a single outfit was all you needed in your adult lifetime. Seasons? Trends? Variety? Les pish posh! Arpenteurs minimalist take on vintage French workwear highlights subtle details that make its clothes worthy of manufacture by some of the countrys oldest and most venerable factories. See the collection at Capsule New York, and be prepared to face your mortality as you gaze at clothes that will surely outlive you.

Cuisse de Grenouille Frog legs may not be for everyone, but Cuisse de Grenouille (French for the aforementioned spécialité) offers mens accessories that will go down easy with anyone looking for colorful but simplistic and very chic accessories. Started by two Parisian brothers who share a love of film, surfing, and fashion, the brand's knit ties, leather belts and smooth socks embody easy chic. These pieces make it easy to jump the next train out of Paris to Biarritz (should the surf report look promising) without showing up looking like a corporate suit, and to arrive back in Paris with sand in your hair not looking like a total beach bum. The strictly European-produced Cuisse de Grenouille will make its US debut at Capsule New York.

Raf Simons x Fred Perry The whole classics-with-a-modern-twist story has kind of lost its novelty in this age of countless collaborations. However, most collabos dont bring together one brand that essentially perfected a singular garment with a designer who's produced some of the most compelling modern clothing of our time. Strengths from both sides abound in the SS13 collection from Raf Simons x Fred Perry, where the designers' signature flair and color sense goes ham on the timeless British polo shirt. Weve seen what this collaboration is capable of, and its brief hiatus has only made us want more. We think A$AP Rocky may claim on his next track that Raf Simons x Fred Perry usually what Im dressed in. Just a thought. Check out Arpenteur, Cuisse de Grenouille and Raf Simons x Fred Perry at Capsule New York July 23 24.