TopShop Emerge's Newest

December 01, 2010 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Dazed Digital reports that Topshop will be featuring two new designers, Xavier Brisoux and Slow & Steady Wins The Race, being hosted in Topshop as part of their new Emerge ranges. Xavier Brisoux (pictured) is a French menswear designer whose new foray into womenswear features carefully shaped knitwear with carefully thought flaws - sheer panels drape backs and sleeves of jumpers that pass as blouses. Whilst New York-based line Slow & Steady Wins The Race takes a wardrobe staple and skews it five degrees, such as rethinking the humble grey sweater. Both lines will be stocked exclusively in Topshop Oxford Street and as part of Topshop Emerge, which supports two international labels per month. Available in January 2011.