October 11, 2007 BY CAPSULESNEWS

ToddOldham3bagshot.jpgAs a child, lunchtime was perhaps the most magical time of day; I’m sure we can all recount rather blissfully the carefree days of our youth. Moms would pack lunch boxes with juice boxes, Pocky, Polly-O string cheese—oh, and of course fluffernutters! Ah, those were the days… But interestingly enough, what your lunch was in was just as important as the lunch itself (I went to a posh, Upper-Eastside elementary school, we were snobs, I guess.) And it would seem that Todd Oldham got the memo as well; the designer (who just recently added Old Navy creative director to his resumé,) is collaborating with Mobi, the designer storage bag label. Although the bags are primarily sandwich bags, they can be used to store anything from candy, to Q-Tips. Kudos to Mobi—their storage bags are a far cry from those blasé Ziplock bags. Perhaps they’ll even encourage supermodels to actually eat! (VJ-R)