Today's Headlines


Band of Outsiders is currently in the middle of its "longest show ever", showcasing its new collection on one model over a 60 hour period. The model is given a box to live in with a cot, an acoustic guitar, and some fun-looking crafts. Oh, and the whole thing is streaming live for your enjoyment. Hurry, if you check it out now you can catch him sitting in the corner eating something. [Hypebeast]

Les Arts Decoratifs knows exactly how much time and deliberation goes into everything you "like" on Facebook, and they are ready to show their appreciation. The museum is hosting a special event on July 5 for its 19,000 Facebook fans, where attendees will have the opportunity to view the Louis Vuitton-Marc Jacobs exhibit currently on show and meet and greet the exhibit's curator. [WWD]

Stop slouching already. Ellen Sundh wants everybody to stand a little straighter, and she created a talking belt to help us all. Just wrap the really attractive looking thing around your entire midsection, and every time you wilt it'll gently but firmly say "bad posture". Message received. [Mashable]

Uniqlo recently vowed to stop using mulesed sheep after a particularly convincing PETA protest in Manila. Thank goodness PETA was on top of that one, because we definitely do not want to support anything that is mulesed. It just sounds ominous. [WWD]

Ever wondered where menswear bloggers came up with their so-obscure-that-it's-cool site names? Or better yet, why? We don't have those answers, but Four-Pins re-imagined the content of a couple of menswear sites if they took their names literally. Bet you didn't know that A Continuous Lean actually documented different versions of Purple Drank. [Four-Pins]

The Google Nexus has got it out for the Kindle Fire. It's got all the best that Android has to offer, and its only $200 for the 8 GB version. Watch your back, Amazon. [Gizmodo]

Kitty Pryde wants you to trash those knock-off Wayfarers, and The Style Girlfriend can't stand to see another guy in a tank top. Complex asks 10 stylish ladies what they do and do not want to be seeing on guys this summer, so listen up and pull out a pen. [Complex]