THE LITTLE BLACK JACKET, Chanel Exhibition in Berlin

December 14, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

"There are clothes which keep rejuvenating themselves instead of getting worn out" The above Roberto Juarroz quote seems expressly created to define those evergreen garments able to persist through generations. For example that could be said of a Burberry trench coat, or a Borsalino hat, a pair of Levi's 501 or the outrageously abused Convers shoes, but guess which brands putted together so many friends to make sure the world, or at least the fashion crowd, won't forget how flawless, right and eternal is its masterpiece? We're talking about Chanel and her renowned little black jacket, in honor of which Karl Lagerfeld, in his photographer version, together with Carine Roitfeld created a book, precisely called "The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL's classic revisited", and presented it with an itinerant photographic exhibition currently hosted inside the Potsdamer Platz U3 Bahnhof tunnel in Berlin. The shoots, results of a wise and well-proven teamwork, twinkle in the darkness of the suggestive location, portraying over 100 celebrities "friends" of the French Maison. All of them (men, women and some baby celebrity too) are wearing the same iconic jacket re-interpreting it with their different and extremes personalities and aesthetics: an army of models, rapper singers, actors, ex divas and icons still rocking, a bunch of Vogue's directors (but not Franca Sozzani), there's also a video of Yoko Ono performing a wiggly dance: Everyone standing for the cause! Looks like a huge happy family: handsome famous and glamorous: That's what is called "being influential"! If you're gonna miss that kind of atmosphere you can also have a poster of a flirty Kirsten Dunst or an Alek Wek on vertiginous heels to bring home with you.

Words and Photos by Caterina Coccioli