April 23, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS

cockpitbag.jpgWe came across this Swiss Army Riders Dispatch Pouch in the new vintage section of the Cockpit store. It’s in amazing condition, and dates from 1914-1918. The unusual preservation of the item is due to being carried in a larger saddle bag- to keep "Dispatches" orders and small items together. We’ve learned that contrary to popular knowledge, the Swiss had and still have some of  the finest textile and original structural weaves and textile mills.  On this particular Riders Pouch, the Swiss army crest imprint is  visibly embossed on the leather strap and the pouch is kept sturdy and light, in vintage canvas with a structurally complicated weave built to last. The extraordinarily tanned saddle leather keeps this unique item all together.
Cockpit, 652 Broadway NYC