Svbscription: An Interview with Andrew Apostola

August 09, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Miss those care packages grandma sent you every few months during your college years? Now you can become a Svbscription member and receive themed parcels with a variety of items every three months. We caught up with Andrew Apostola, co-founder of Svbscription, to chat about the concept. Don't tell grammy that designer swag is cooler than her hand-knit, ill-fitting sweaters, she means well.

How does svbscription work?

Svbscription is a luxury lifestyle service for men. Every three months our members receive a carefully put together parcel, curated around a theme, directly to their office or home. There's limited memberships available and no backordering so what our gents get is quite exclusive. I was the first to sign up and received mine this week. Even though I knew what was in there, it was a really unique experience to have something specially crafted for you be waiting in the mail box.

What are some of the products that have been given away so far?

The first parcel was curated around the theme of travel. It contained items and experiences from Steven Alan, WANT Essentiels de la Vie, Tableaux Argentes Publishing, Mr and Mrs Smith and Special Delivery. It also contains a publication we put together exploring the theme and brands we work with. The items were delivered in a wooden box nailed shut so they'd have get a bit masculine for the day to open it early reports in say that all of our members were able to open the parcel, which is a great sign for the male race. The next theme we're exploring is Study, which is particularly special.

Whats the one thing you wish you could send in a parcel that, logistically, just isnt possible.

The Harrods Lion would make the ultimate gift and surprise at any office or home, but alas it's not the sixties and sending animals in the mail is not cool in the West. Perhaps when we expand to North Korea.

How many memberships do you service--ballpark?

We've been running for two months, and we have 100 memberships. There is limited availability for each delivery, we've expanded it to 200 for the next round.

If you could have someone curate a parcel for delivery anyone in the world, alive or dead who would it be?

In a bipartisan kind of way, I'd have to say Mitt Romney. Svbscription has this undercurrent of spontaneity and fun: he could do with both.

The theme could be guns and money. Is svbscription just for gents?

Svbscription is designed for gents, but we do have a few female members.

What were Marc, Sam and yourself up to before you started the company?

We were all lonely, unfulfilled and less interesting before Svbscription. Sam was working with his friend Dino Siampos doing store fit outs for the likes of Hermes, Barneys and DVF. Marc was an editor at The Vine, which is a leading online publication in Australia. I founded Portable with Simon Goodrich and have been creative director for the past six years. As I said, no where as interesting as Svbscription.

What are some of your favorite brands and designers that you source products from?

That's a trick question we don't reveal the brands we work with until after our members have received their parcels. Nice try. That said, Steven Alan was extremely generous and helpful with our last theme.

Almost had you, didn't we? You guys are all tastemakers, who are some of your favorite menswear designers right now?

This is easy and thanks for the question. Oliver Helden and Paul Marlow are excellent and constantly doing new things with their New York brand Loden Dager. Adam Kimmel is a staple. Marc McNairy has created the perfect last and as a result makes the perfect shoes. The gents at Kitsune are also doing some bold work at the moment with their retail fit out at Nomad. I wish Peter Jensen, Mary Katrantzou and Rodarte would all make forays into menswear.

Rodarte's OC Knitwear collection will have to tied you over. Best thing youve read recently?

I just read a novella called The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. I highly recommend it. I read prolifically, so some smaller reads I'd suggest would be Anne-Marie Slaugher's article in the Atlantic and this article on Pussy Riot in the Guardian.

We side with Madonna on the Pussy Riot issue. Danny Brown or ASAP Rocky?

A hard one, but ASAP Rocky dresses better.

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