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Sunpocket is ready to shade you for 2014

January 14, 2014 BY WE ARE THE MARKET


Traditionally a pair of shades loved by the French skiing crowd, Sunpocket has made some major strides since their launch in 1970. Having the obvious advantage of being able to fold in half, these glasses are clearly perfect in their functionality. What we're more excited about for 2014 though, is their perfection in style. With collaborations set for the new year with fashion-big shots such as Colette, Opening Ceremony and Bathing Ape, the glasses company are taking a clear jump off the slopes and waves and into the hearts of fashion lovers everywhere.


The rest of the collection sticks to its roots by splitting into six categories; Sunpocket Sport & II: the original models, Kauai: elegance for the active customer, Tonga: classic frames with upgraded technical qualities, Samoa: the shades that transition flawlessly from city to beach to mountain, and Tobago: the latest frame inspired by the southern caribbean.

See the entire collection currently at Capsule Berlin and later this week at Capsule Paris.