ShopNOLITA's Successful Debut

November 14, 2011 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Customers take advantage of the special offers at Nolita's Erica Tanov boutique

Over the weekend a number of local shop and restaurant owners partnered together for ShopNOLITA, a 2-day event in which participating businesses offered shoppers special deals, promotions and discounts throughout the neighborhood. Organized by BABEL FAIR store owner Erica Kiang and Lexi Sacchi of FROCK, the event was intended to attract more shoppers to an area already known for its vast array of boutiques and quality restaurants.

"Nolita is one of the last neighborhoods in New York City that is comprised of small businesses and independent retailers," said Sacci, adding that both she and Kiang "wanted to do something that would promote the neighborhood." She also noted that the event draw a significant amount of foot traffic over the weekend. "A lot of shoppers came in to FROCK based on the press ShopNOLITA received. They seemed excited to explore the neighborhood and expressed how impressed they were with [it]."

Sacci wasn't the only local business owner to recognize the event's impact. A number of the stores and restaurants participating in ShopNOLITA were glad to be involved. Jessica Fish, co-owner of women's clothing boutique Erica Tanov, admits she was thrilled when approached by organizers to become involved. "It was really a no-brainer when [Sacchi] approached us about being part of the ShopNOLITA event. What [was] there to lose? I was just happy that she wanted to organize it." Fish, whose store has been located in NOLITA for 12 years now, couldn't think of a better place to have her business. "The neighborhood has a special feeling," she said, emphasizing that despite the amount of growth around the area, "Nolita still manages to attract independently owned restaurants and stores which makes it an interesting neighborhood to visit."

And judging by the amount of shoppers who flocked to Nolita this weekend, it's safe to say that the neighborhood is still thriving. For more information about the event, including future deals and promotions, visit the ShopNolita Facebook page.

Erica Tanov uses clever signage to alert shoppers of ShopNOLITA

Savvy customers pack BABEL FAIR

ShopNOLITA brings foot traffic as shoppers flood into the neighborhood

A client peruses the racks at Nolita boutique FROCK