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senhor PRUDÊNCIO presents 21.14 VINTEEUMCATORZE AW14 Collection

January 24, 2014 BY SENHOR PRUDÊNCIO


Digging deeper on the values of the brand, with 21.14 VINTEEUMCATORZE AW14 capsule collection, senhor PRUDÊNCIO proposes to think the future in 100 years. Following the European avant-garde of the early twentieth century and the Futurist movement of the Geração de Orpheu, the brand runs forward strengthening the design codes.

Since the concept of privacy is increasingly looking subjective, an anarchic nature is assumed for the construction of a character in a Cyberpunk environment and under the assumption High Tech - Low Life. In the age of digital sound and speed we know that the future does not happen as we envision, but what we imagine influences what happens and we imagine faster. The average life expectancy increases so as the ability to store information.

We leaved behind the ideal of a flawless hero, pure and good natured, and focus on people inspired by the human being, capable of great deeds and big irrationalities. We seek the renewal of traditional art of materials and construction systems, and an aesthetic that represents, in simple language, the future as a synonym for a higher quality of life.

In a more direct communication of ideas senhor PRUDÊNCIO presents a collection where craft processes coexist with insdustrial processes and freedom of shapes, and the graphic aspect highlights the preference for the vital speed and dynamism, as well as the pursuit of the unpredictable and unusual.