Scheduling Conflict Looms For N.Y.C. Trade Shows

March 03, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS

_1capsule_fromAbove_center-1.jpgDNR REPORTS: ENK International is making efforts to avoid a scheduling snafu that currently has the men’s spring ’09 trade shows here slated to run in different weeks this July. Project is now scheduled to run from July 21 to 23 at the Jacob K. Javits Center and the independent Capsule show will run concurrently from July 21 to 22 at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. However, The Collective and Blue shows, owned by ENK International, are scheduled to run the following week, July 27 to 29, on Piers 94 and 92, respectively.  The divergent schedules would create a major headache for retailers and likely impact attendance at all the shows. In order to avoid a face-off, ENK International is looking for ways to move its shows up a week to coincide with Project, which is owned by Advanstar Communications. Read the full story here.