Retail Check Out: Nitty Gritty, Stockholm- update

April 08, 2010 BY CAPSULESNEWS

NITTY GRITTY01 Swedens been dominating the progressive fashion scene for the past few seasons and one of the countrys hottest stores, Nitty Gritty, has been at the center of it all since 1991, offering discerning men a curated assortment of great style pieces from the worlds hottest labels. We recently caught up with Hugo Bergstrom, creative director of the shop, to see whats new and next for Nitty Gritty. Read all about it after the jump.

We've got new pics of the store after the jump.

NITTY GRITTY02 Hows business? Is it still slow or do you detect some signs of life? Business has been very good since last summer, everything has really picked up again here in Sweden even though we had a rough and long winter, there are still some snow left...

Whats selling now? We are selling very good of the men´s Polo collection from Ralph Lauren in general and especially their distressed, washed army jacket in khaki that they did for this spring. All jackets from Penfield have also been very good.For womens, the Isabel Marant collection is very good for this spring, and bags from her husband Jerome Dreyfuss.

What are you looking forward to for spring deliveries? The Thom Browne designed Black Fleece Collection for Brooks Brothers, our own collaboration with the classic Swedish tailoring company Oscar Jacobson. We´vedone a beautiful club jacket with fabric from British weaver Alfred Brown. The handmade moccasins from Yuketen also just arrived to the shop, very nice.

What did you like from the fall trade shows? Japanese label Nanamica done some very nice Gore-Tex jackets that we picked up at Pitti. The whole movement of focus from heritage to sports feels very refreshing even though the two worlds very much are crossing.

Do you use any social media? and how has it impacted your business?

We recently started our on-line business,, and to increase traffic and to communicate new releases we use both Twitter and Facebook, it works very well.

What do you think is motivating the consumer to buy these days? Things that will keep them warm, dry and comfy in a timeless classic style. Also it´s very important to have a story behind every brand or piece of clothing. People want to know what they are buying and they want to be educated, if they get this then price is no problem.

What music are you playing in your store right now? Jackson Browne, Beach House, Local Natives, The Girls and Bandjo.

Whats exciting you right now ? Spring in general and my trip to the Finnish archipelago this weekend in particular.

Any store news, or upcoming events youd like to tell the world about? We´re just so proud about our new online store so just go to and find out for yourself!