Quiksilver And ISAORA Team Up For RARE EARTH

February 19, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

ISAORA and Quiksilver found common ground in their equal obsession in the marriage of form and function, and this collection is indicative that they clearly see eye to eye when it comes to quality, originality, and functional designs. The winter collection, dubbed "RARE EARTH" focuses on the intersection between the complex beauty of nature and technical man-made precision, grappling with the powerful transformation of natural elements into technology that evokes a discreetly sophisticated aesthetic. All materials used for the collection were sourced from European mills and developed at the Johnatan + Fletcher studio in the French Alps.

When we saw this collection, we knew we had to get the story behind its development. We sat down for a brief Q&A with Marc Daniels of ISAORA to get the details on the collaboration.

Tell us about the process how did you get involved with Quiksilver?

We got to know the Quiksilver team last February in Munich while showing at ISPO, which is like the mother of all tradeshows for anything that has to do with the outdoor snowsports world. They seemed to be big fans of what we were doing, we started talking, and realized it was a great opportunity for both of us to do something a little outside of respective zones, but that made sense brandwise.

How did the RARE EARTH collection come about?

It was something we'd been playing around with as a concept, then when we started talking seriously with Quiksilver it seemed like the perfect theme for a collaborative project. Everything was pretty effortless and just fell into didn't happen was kind of a process but it felt right. They proposed the basic structure of the collection, we worked into it and then leveraged their development capabilities to make it happen.

Creatively, how much flexibility were you given when it comes to design?

There were really no restrictions creatively. It was a very open collaboration in the sense that we were happy to share ideas and let things take shape organically. It was definitely a case of "let's see what we can all bring to the table." We hope the result is a combination of their strengths and ours.

What are your favorite elements of this capsule?

We're particularly proud of the board which was designed together with our friend and supremely talented visual artist aerosyn-lex together with the team at lib-tech & Mervin manufacturing. We make clothes all day was wicked cool to see our ideas take shape in a different form.