Of-The-Moment, Yet SO Five Months Ago

January 08, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS

08crit2190.jpgWe think the best elements of the NY Times' Thursday Style section are Mike Albo occasional store reviews for the Critical Shopper column. His cynical take on retail is always hilarious but on point. Today he reviewed the beautiful West Village store, Kesner. Here’s his take on things: Be careful walking into this place. You may think you have traveled through time and give yourself whiplash. The décor, the clothing, the atmosphere will have you convinced you have slipped backward five months to a more affluent era when Men’s Vogue was being published monthly, Orlando Bloom was a style icon and finance guys were eager to spend dubiously earned bonuses on velveteen suits and stylized sunglasses to wear at exclusive coke ’n’ cocktail parties on borrowed helipads. – So mean, but so true Mike!