April 20, 2007 BY CAPSULESNEWS

uniqlo-terry-richardson-1.jpgJapanese retailer Uniqlo keeps making headlines on this site with its ever innovative concepts. No doubt taking a cue from the streetwear market, we hear that the Japanese retailer is launching a T-shirt only concept, called UT or Uniqlo T-shirt. The designer tees go on sale April 28 in a new 5000 square foot concept shop, that also serves as an art gallery, opening in Harajuku. The store is designed to convey a convenience store feel: with open stock shelving. A limited-edition collection of T-shirts designed by all of today’s bold face name artists, designers, photographers and musicians including Terry Richardson (who also shot the campaign), Gareth Pugh Nobuyoshi Araki, Kai Khüne, Kim Jones, and  Peter Saville will be for sale. Not going to Tokyo any time soon, about 100 styles will be sent to the NY flagship store each month.The complete collection of Richardson's photographs will be featured in a limited-edition hardcover book printed by DNP (Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd), and will be sold at UNIQLO stores worldwide starting in mid-May. In addition, a 10-page excerpt from the book will be included in UNIQLO Paper No. 2, UNIQLO's in-house magazine, which will be in stores at the end of the month. A select group of images will also be featured in an outdoor campaign, as well as in UNIQLO stores worldwide, including an exhibit on the 4th floor of the UT store in Tokyo that will serve as a gallery space.