April 30, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS

weekday-2.jpgWe just got word about a new collection from the folks who designed Cheap Monday. The collection is called MTWTFSS Weekday. and is designed exclusively for the Swedish store chain Weekday. Here's a quote from the designer, via Skeleton Legs. "MTWTFSS Weekday is our very first brand which now have developed to a full-scale high fashion collection with good prices, exclusively made for Weekday stores. The MTWTFSS Weekday collection is available for both men and women and the colors are based on a monochrome color scale. The design refine the classic antihero base wardrobe: jeans, t-shirt and motorcycle jacket. The collection is inspired by shadows and the circle/rectangle/triangle - where shoulders are main focus. On the men’s side we use a looser silhouette with angular shapes in smooth qualities dominates the women’s collection." Check out the full collection on the Weekday web site. (Selectism)