March 23, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Photobucket While most sites out there have been hailing Monocle for this Issue 22's exceptional spring fashion spread, we'd like to commend April's issue for it's special report on the future of retail. Issue 22 and, "The elements you need to stimulate spending and get consumers excited", contains a report that most retailers big and small across the globe need to be paying attention to. From looking to Japan's retail creativity, innovation and customer service aesthetic and craftsmanship, to the 200% sales increase within online shopping at Paris based online retailer . Indeed the report takes a great stance on the fact that retailers in the US from Nordstroms to Neiman Marcus and Macys need to not only point their recent closures and hard times to the US economy but to the failing uninspired visual merchandising and interiors within their walls. Not only will the recession help us look to more creative ways on branding and shops but it will help to stimulate a new look on what works in today's ever fluctuating global economy. From the ten point plan to save our retail industry to the world's top 20 retailers and some of the best forecasts from retail designers world wide, Monocle's Issue 22 has hit the nail on the head this April. We suggest picking up a copy this month and if you can't find one in whatever part of the world you're in check out the website and get a subscription; Monocle. (Adam Christopher)