Misomber Nuan SS 2010

November 23, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS


The ladies of AgenturV showroom were in NYC last week showing some of the most avant garde collections in the world, and we fell in love with the  conceptualism of  Misomber Nuan.  "My manifesto is to create a facade none other than to communicate the duality of the human psyche, the universality of such an existence,” says the designer. Rather than delve too much into his past, his emotionally charged notions result in a form of inexplicable origin scoping a sense of eeriness. Aesthetically, the philosophical perception of the collection  of  aims to provoke an upsetting and resetting of the stasis between garment definition and emotional representation. His methodology is non-referential.  With untethered beliefs, the line begins with disturbing the premise underlying elements prevalent in unconventional cuts and deliberating on neglected subtleties. The name Misomber was chosen as an interpretation and mien of a dismal and strong emphasis on human psyche, while Nuan was a veiled distinctiveness of the designer himself. Composed of abstracted illusive thoughts, Misomber Nuan's visions are reflections of melancholy emptiness and voids; the promise of happenings, emotions and a desire to connect subliminally with the audience." Pics from SS 2010 after the jump.




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