Michael Bastian in today's NYT


bastian-600.jpgDavid Colman has written a great feature on Michael Bastian’s design business in today's NYT: As anyone who works in the world of men’s style can tell you, men have become a lot more like women. Now hold your horses. This is not about skirts or Adam Lambert or tinted moisturizer. It is about how men have cast off old habits and taken to shopping practices long the province of women. They have chased down suddenly-must-have items (see boat shoe, suit vest, stingy brim, scarf). They have joined the cult of the designer brand (see Dior, Margiela, Thom Browne), squeezed into slim silhouettes (see Atkins, SouthBeach) and inched up their hemlines (viz, a flash of ankle for trousers, a flash of thigh for shorts)....Readthe rest (including MB's admission that he cant afford his won clothes@) here.