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New York Fashion Week: KYE AW14

February 04, 2014 BY WE ARE THE MARKET

Yesterday we kicked off NYFW with KYE by Kathleen Kye. As per usual, the up and coming Korean brand brought both mens and women's looks to the runway, but the differences this time around were much more pronounced with two true and separate RTW lines. Kathleen's SS14 collection really blew it out of the water and caught the eyes of Opening Ceremony–one of their top retailers–with their pop look (guns, skeleton and band-aids, anyone?). The AW14 collection is much more refined with a palate reminiscent of emeralds, rubies, sapphires and black diamonds. It's clear that for AW14 KYE wanted to focus on texture and the architecture of the clothing, and in that, she really suceeds. The pieces revolve around a common chain pattern and emboss that give the collection that quirky KYE feel, while staying high-end and wearable. Highlights of the collection include a sheer track pant with a white leather chain emboss running up and down the sides, and the white-to-black gradient pattern seen on both men's and women's pieces.

KYE will be showing the full collection at Capsule Las Vegas, Feb 17-19.