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August 13, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Berlin, Paris, London, Brooklyn. This isnt another techno song. Capsule insiders share their favorite restaurants from around the world. At Capsule, you know youre In Good Company. The SS 2013 motto speaks for the network of like-minded individuals that have come together each season for the past five years not only to do business but also to connect around common interests. This list of restaurants has been handpicked by the best in the business and it's your guide to eating among the sartorial elite. These critics truly live up to their status as tastemakers.

Kerstin Geffert, CEO Silk Relations GmbH Alepnstück, Berlin On-site bakery: check. Local produce: ?. Outdoor seating: seasonal, but, ???! This restaurant gives Germany's famous Alpine cuisine a modern Berlin twist, reflected in their design as well as in each dish. They are notorious for their homemade apple strudel with vanilla sauce and rhubarb-parfait on a chocolate crisp that will get you to yodel for more.

Enrico Grigoletti, Founder of Contemporary Standard & Co-founder of Studio Fantastico Ropetòn in Verona or Di Matteo in Naples Trattoria da Ropetòn is known for its local charm and fresh ingredients. Dining on their terrazzo (and some grappa) is the perfect start to a romantic evening. Di Matteo is a classic pizzeria located right in the city center. The large crowd gathering outside is enough proof that this pizza is to die for.

Cory Ohlendort, Editor and Co-Founder, I eat at R+D Kitchen in Santa Monica way too much. This new-American restaurant flaunts a simple but savory menu composed of classics like deviled eggs, a famous cheeseburger, and homemade chicken meatballs.

Phil-G, Co-founder of Soto, Berlin, Co-founder of MADE, Founder of BAM Agency "DUDU, Nam & Chi are definitely the best hosts in town!" Vietnamese cuisine in the heart of Berlin. The clean and simple decor provides a palate cleansing for the roller coaster of flavors the diner experiences.

Jian Deleon, Staff Writer, Complex Magazine Is it still cool to say The Meatball Shop?" Cocktails and meatballs. Need I say more? With locations in Williamsburg, the Lower East Side, and the West Village, there is no better place to start off your night. Although famous for their balls, their daily risotto specials and market salads are also hits.

Frederik Frede, Freunde von Freunden "Goldner Hahn in Berlin// Isa in New York." Der Goldner Hahn is a quaint local spot that looks more like a neighborhood institution rather than another run-of-the-mill Italian restaurant. With a giant apothecary cabinet and taxidermy chickens, the aesthetic provides a warm atmosphere to compliment a German-Italian blend of comfort food. Isa, on the south side of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has a rustic (exposed wood) urban-woodsman aesthetic and serves up an array of new-American dishes like sardines, tartare, and chanterelle and pig ear.

Silas Adler, Mens Wear Designer, Soulland NOMA Copenhagen If you even know what Nordic cuisine consists of, this restaurant will blow your mind. With creative concoctions and presentations, this restaurant continues to wow its guests. It has taken the amuse-bouche to the next level with a single-bite starters menu and tasting tray to get your mouth watering. With local, culturally standard ingredients like moss and dried fish, theres no choice but to use creativity to attract an international audience.

Camille Vincent, Stylist for LExpress Style and les Echos Serie Limité, Fashion Consultant for and & Personal Shopper, Le Schmuck in the 6ème in Paris The word schmuck in German means jewelry or decoration, which makes a lot more sense than the Yiddish definition. Known for its trendy cocktails and glitzy Baroque décor, this restaurant has been known to host the most handsome waiters and attract beautiful Bobo Parisians. Dine here and feel like a petit prince or princesse, sipping Veuve Clicquot cocktails before a night in the most romantic city in Europe.

Garance Broca, Designer, Monsieur Lacenaire Taxi Jaune, rue Chapon Schmuch in Paris With a name like The Yellow Taxi, this restaurant is a retreat from the hectic city life. It is as off-the-beaten-path as you can get in a busy metropolis, located on a dusty, narrow side street in the old Marais district. Young and old enjoy this old style Parisian bistro, as the décor hasnt changed much since the location became a restaurant in 1934.

Hermano Silva, Photographer & blogger, Mr Chow, London Since Valentine's Day in 1968, the original Mr Chow has become a mainstay in London. Mr Chow, serving authentic Beijing cuisine with London's classy ambiance, is the perfect fusion of East and West.

Marc Beaugé, Journalist, style writer, launching a brand, Larose Le Bascou, Rue Réaumur, Paris Le Bascou is a quaint restaurant with an unmistakably French atmosphere, with art and paintings adorning its intimate space. Here, you can try the pipérade basquaise, a spicy omelet filled with onions and peppers, or the soupions, baby squid flavored with chorizo.

Bruce Pask, Mens Fashion Director of T Magazine: The New York Times Style Magazine and a menswear stylist/fashion editor "I had pretty much the most perfect dining experience ever at Radio in Copenhagen recently. Named after its proximity to an old radio building, Radio offers a sleek, open atmosphere with swift service. Here, you can get Nordic meals containing fresh, homegrown ingredients without breaking the bank.

Aisha Speirs, Beaurea Chief Americas at Monocle Le Cabanon, Cap dail. "Simple home-cooked food served up under trees lit by fairy lights on a small cliff above the Mediterranean. This French eatery is known for its scenic outdoor dining area, where patrons can enjoy, among other options, local fish dishes under the majestic trees. The spacious landscapes of the outside contrasts with the inside, which feels as if you're in someone's home.

Simon Hogeman, Co-owner/Buyer at Trés Bien Belle Epoque in Malmö We challenge you to keep up with Belle Epoque, a Swedish restaurant that changes its menu every two weeks. What remains consistent is the cocktail menu and its serving of three main courses (meat, fish, vegetarian) and two desserts, which you can order together in a menu sampler.

Lawrence Schossman, Talks about mens clothing on the internet Extra Virgin in New York Located in the West Village, you'll be hard-pressed to find a seat at this casual spot with outdoor seating, especially during its brunch hours during the weekends. Some of the signature Mediterranean dishes include the frites with gorgonzola fondue and the mushroom-crusted virgin.

Lucas Bonnichon, Founder of a French brand, Cuisse de Grenouille Le George, at Beaubourg in Paris This Parisian restaurant boasts a futuristic, industrial aesthetic that evokes Metropolis, while offering its patrons a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower and a menu of fusion-cuisine.

Words by Christian Bachrach and Javy Rodriguez