Fashion Fasting


Six Items or Less: This "global experiment examining the power of what we don't wear" may provide shopping addicts with a reason to strip their closets down to the bare necessities. Setting out to prove that it may be time, finally, to bid sayonara to that vintage purple seersucker three-piece suit or those sequined ankle boots that you've been saving "just in case" for the past 12 years, the Six Items or Less project was conceived with the intention of giving consumers a way to examine just how important (or not) a role clothing plays in their lives. The month-long project, which commenced on June 21st, invited people from around the globe to pledge to wear only six items of clothing for that month. (Undergarments, swim wear, work-out clothes, work uniforms, outer jackets, shoes and accessories are exceptions.) Nearly 100 people signed up. All participants are documenting their efforts in a blog portal hosted by Six Items or Less. Stay tuned to find out if less really is more. (Trendcentral)