Fall / Winter 2012 Trends We Love

February 22, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

There are 4 major looks we are banking on for AW12, and the feelings range from super technical-meets-urban explorer, to retro-inspired femme, with prints and colors making a huge impact on our currently monochromatic closets. We're not into bling and the Kardashians will never influence the way we dress. Sophisticated, thoughtful young ladies will be looking for clothes that are made with purpose, quality and an emphasis on craft. We've made it through New York, and London, and are getting ready to head to (capsule) Paris next week. Here's what we're expecting to be important for A/W 12.



Fearless and bold, this unconventional young woman is driven to experiment with a riot of color, texture and pattern. Mixing chunky, patterned sweaters handknit by South American villagers or French grannies with Liberty prints, silky polka dots and Breton stripes, all topped with a plaid-lined puffer vest and a Baja backpack - the Printsplosion! wearer is well traveled, and loves to mix cultural references and souvenirs from her world wanderings. Vintage prints in all sizes are the key to her outfits, the silhouette is oversized and amorphous. She loves all things feminine and decorative be they Art Deco, new romantic, 70s sexy or throwback 90s. Jewelry is key and pieces are ironic but beautiful. With prints down to her nails, this gal likes DIY manicures, featuring strange colors and patterns she creates herself at home.


Like The Boys (yes, commes des garcons)

This girl knows theres nothing more sexy than wearing mens clothing. And with the menswear scene so hot, who can blame her for wanting in on the action. Handmade brogues, tailored trousers, well-cut oxford shirts locally made in small batch factories are finished with neat, bobbed hair or effortless top knots, tortoise frames and plenty of eyeliner. Polished, vampy nails and a super luxe handbag make this look really sing. Its English schoolboy by way of Koreas boundary pushing fashion aesthetic, with a dash of all-American tomboy and a generous helping of Marlene Dietrich.


The Anti-Kardashian

Young women who want to be thought of as thoughtful, not objects, choose prints and patterns be they innocent and sweet English roses or geometrics in deep-thinker shades of teal, rust, mustard or burgundy that recall manuscripts, libraries and North Eastern autumns. Fabrics are wooly (can be worn), silky or tweedy. Skirts and jackets can be tailored, but the fit is never tight. Oversized, borderline sloppy and slouchy on top or bottom or both, this 4th wave feminist wears shapes that drape and never reveal too much. Like a harkening back to early 90s, before Lycra was injected in to everything, shoulders drop and waistlines return to their natural position. Jewelry is conversational but never blingy. Makeup is artful and deliberate, only occasionally sparkly.


Sherpa Chic

Patagonia, Clarks and cuffed jeans, maybe a monkish long skirt with long, back-to-basics hair to match, shes the Pacific Northwest doll. A freshly scrubbed face with rosy color added to lips and cheeks and neatly groomed, unpolished nails, plus noteworthy, always earthy accessories (think ceramic necklaces, leather earrings, a wooly pin) compliment her love of the great outdoors and her concerted effort to play (outside) as hard as she works. Technical outdoor gear (windbreakers, anoraks, performance hiking boots) are paired with luxe, artisanal items (a handcrafted leather bag meant to last a lifetime, Japanese chambray shirt, cashmere leggings) for outfits that are both town and country ready. The silhouette is athletic, shapes are functional. Vintage outdoor elements plus modern luxury equals new classic.



Illustrations by Keren Richter