September 04, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS

duckies.jpgMemories of summer have barely faded and  Fashion Week is already here. We wanted to find out what the designers have been up to during the dog days of August, and what they're looking forward to as the season kicks off.  First up, Daniel Silver, designer for menswear favorite Duckie Brown who took a few minutes out of his hectic pre-show schedule to answer a few quick questions.  At the very top of my fall wishlist is Duckie's zip up black leather jacket (as seen in their fall/winter 2008 online lookbook). And now, the designer himself.....



Name: Daniel Silver
Occupation: Designer
Company: Duckie Brown

1. Besides your own - which collection are you most looking forward to  
seeing during fashion week and why?
Lacoste , Christophe Lemaire is fab.

2. From your collection, what is your favorite piece that you cant  
wait for the world to see?
Embroidered fern sweatshirts that took 400 hours to do each one.

3. Fashion week questions aside - since we are already into Fall, what  
I want to know is how you spent your summer? Any memorable events/
We went to Mallorca and hung out on the beach with family and then went to Barcelona and had too much fun!