January 03, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS

shdt_regular.jpgWe met LA-based designer Micah Cohen a few seasons back when he was designing a great menswear collection called Caste. He was buried in the nether regions of the Pool show in Vegas. But his collection stood out thanks to its great quality, well designed menswear basics with a fashion edge. Now Cohen has a new collection, called Shades of Greige. Once again, the collection features high quality, fashion-infused menswear staples. With a color palette that spans from nautical navies to industrial grays and blacks, the collection stands out in its simplicity.  A navy blue and white striped T-shirt. or a basic pea coat are some key items. The best part about the collection are the prices. Tees retail for about $20 and hoodies are $120. Outerwear is just about the $200 mark. Shades is sold in key boutiques like Oak in Brooklyn and There's not even a web site, so you'll have to make an appointment to see the collection at (capsule), Jan 22 & 23.


 (photo: Oak)