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Q & A with Rasmus Bak of Libertine-Libertine

February 03, 2014 BY MOUSSA M.

Since Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz, and Peter Munch Ovesen launched Libertine-Libertine in the summer of 2009, the colorful collections of Copenhagen-based brand have gained momentum. I caught Rasmus Bak, co-founder and designer, to a small chat on the new collection, the brand, and what’s up these days.

”It’s exploded. This season has been especially good for the womenswear. And that feels really good. Now we’re where we wanted to be, when we first started out,” Rasmus Bak says.

When I ask him what that place is like, he offers this:

”We’ve had a lot of focus on menswear since we started, so it feels great to have the womenswear take up an equal part. I like that it has an impact on the menswear as well,” notes Bak, adding that, ”that ambience really suits us.”

It’s been a good season for Libertine-Libertine. Always featuring graphic pieces, this season the inspiration of the graphics have been derived from the art book ”Trashers” by photographer Sacha Maric.

”It’s about that untamed, youthful energy. It’s particularly clear in the menswear, I think. And then we’ve made good staples, where classic design meets performance and sport,” Rasmus Bak ends.