Feminine and Strong with Christine Alcalay


Christine Alcalay is one of WWD's 'ones to watch' this year and her SS14 collection is a huge indication of why. The collection as a whole has the ability to cover every summer need and want you might have for SS14 while being extremely cohesive. We go from flowing patterns and billowing pieces to minimalistic cuts and simple lines. Colors range from soft hues to bright pastels. We caught up with Christine to hear about what gets her up in the morning, who inspires her and what this collection is really all about. Check it out below along with the SS14 lookbook. And don't forget to come visit her at Capsule New York Womens.

photo 3photo 1What prompted you to start designing?

I grew up in a family of garment professionals. Clothing and design were the way we made a living in the US after immigrating from Vietnam. It's is and always has been a way of life for me. Most speak learn a language as their mother tongue. I learned how to make and design clothes.

Talk a little bit about the inspiration behind the SS14 collection

The song "Wild is the Wind" is the inspiration for the collection. The sultry voice of Nina Simone with the background of instruments resonated while designing the collection. The idea of layers of transparencies in rich colors and airy, wild flower botanical prints in watercolor and line drawing. Imagine soft prints, sheer fabrics, light silks and playful cottons in billowy shapes that echo the way the wind blows against a body. My muse this season is the woman in love.

Describe the line in one or two words... Feminine and strong

What are some brands your admiring right now? I'm loving Alexander Wang and always fascinated with Prada!

What is one trend you can't wait to see gone? Metal studs on clothing.

When you wake up in the morning the first thing you do is... Check my emails. It's a bad habit but with the time difference across the world- an important email always pops up. Never fails.

What's always in your purse? Benefit lip and cheek stain, a red lipstick and a metro card

Who inspires you to do what you do? My little girls inspire me. It is by example that they learn. All I can do is my best to live my dreams so they learn to do the same.

If you weren't designing womenswear, what would you be doing? I would be working with children or women survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

Your drink of choice? Gin and tonic with lavender sprigs

Favorite place for lunch? Fives Leaves, Brooklyn

If you could raid any fictional or real person's closet, whose would it be? Scarlett O'Hara

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