ShowStoppers: The Best Looks at (capsule) New York



From the outside looking in, the fashion industry looks like a collection of vain individuals that are "all dressed up with nowhere to go", but that's never the case. Often times the most stylish person in the room is the hardest working person in the biz, but how do you explain a bevy of well-dressed folks in all one place? Well, you don't, you capture their style instead (it's much easier that way).

Capsule New York this week was the equivalent of the Super Bowl or even Wrestlemania in that you had to bring your A game on that particular workday in the fashion capital of the world, and bringing your A game also means wearing your Sunday best. Our boy Will Foster went around the show documenting the stylish folks that traveled halfway across the globe and halfway across NYC to get to Basketball City.

Click a photograph below to start the slideshow.

Photography by Will Foster. You can find Wills photography work at his website, DubFoster.

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