(capsule) Paris: Miansai S/S 2012


Michael Saiger started Miansai during his senior year at the University of Miami in 2008. Saiger, a Westchester boy whose mom operates an antiques business, grew up around estate sales and auctions, and already had a collection of WW11 pins and ephemera when on a whim, he began designing jewelry. "I didn't know anything," he says. "I just started making things I thought were interesting - drilling out bullets and experimenting with materials." His inexperience may have helped him, "if you took this to a jewelry manufacturer, they'd tell you you couldn't run chain through a cord like this. But I wondered why not and then did it." Saigler produces the entire Miansai line in Miami, out of an 2,000 sq ft former smoke house by the railroad in midtown Miami. "My family is in New York, but I love the Miami lifestyle and I love that we control everything for the brand there." Currently participating in (capsule) Paris, Miansai has landed top accounts in just one season. The line is sold at Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Saturdays, and J.Crew, for whom it will produce special colorways next season.