(capsule) Las Vegas Preview | Otter Wax

February 07, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Otter Wax as a company had some pretty humble beginnings; founder Chris Chase couldn't find any all-natural product he needed to wax his raincoat, so he began cooking some up in his kitchen (much like Jay-Z and E-40, or maybe a more appropriate comparison is Tyler Durden from Fight Club). Now, after only 8 months, Otter Wax is carried in some of the country's premiere stores and maintains its hand-crafted and locally made philosophy while utilizing only the highest quality materials. Guys and girls everywhere can now maintain the water repellent boots, jackets, etc. they had that were getting leaky, and we can do it with a product that is made from non-toxic, silicone and petroleum free, and all-natural ingredients. Otter Wax will be showing at (capsule) Las Vegas, and hopefully Chris can perform a little test example on an old pair of Wolverine's I just happen to be bringing to the desert...