Capsule Curated Picks: Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21ème

July 26, 2013 BY WATM

We invited some of our favorite cats in the industry to check out the Capsule NY mens show and put together a list of what caught their eyes. Here are the picks from one of the internet's favorite fashion photographers Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21ème

"Take one look at me and you'll know I'm not a #menswear guy. I love clothing, however. Walking through Capsule I was pleased to find tons of items and labels I really could connect with. You'll see I like black...a lot."


1) I was never good at sports growing up. Then I bought a road bike. It was so liberating and I was actually good. I hate how tech-looking the cycling-specific clothes are though. This backpack from Nocturnal Workshop is the answer for me when it comes to riding in the city. Design first, without sacrificing function and safety! And...made in home!

2) I like these swim trunks by SECOND/LAYER for their simplicity, while not forgetting attention to detail. The geometric crotch panel makes them special, but overall they are very utilitarian and accessible. My buddies are the designers, and if you saw how they dressed, you'd want to have everything they create.

3) I saw these glasses by grafik:plastic on a Korean website a few years ago. I love the design, bold, minimal, graphic. I also love the flexibility in the modular design. Get tired of the color way, swap it out. I dig the matte grey as it reminds me of a 3D printed design...a prototype.

4) I wish I were French. That's all. All my friends know I keep my ATM, iPhone, computer, and more in French. I'm such a poseur. This hat by Maison Kitsune's Parisien line would complete the look.

5) I like these shoes by Diemme for two reasons: 1I love the classic Slip-on shape in the luxe python. 2I'd get the Céline ones, but my feet are too big.

6) I'm actually not sure I could pull it off, but I really dig the simplicity of this shirt by Laer. It's a great piece to wear alone, or layered. I love leather, so I'd probably wear it just to complete my armor.