November 15, 2007 BY CAPSULESNEWS

15NMO2.jpgUmmm, We can't decide if this is funny or not , but we feel the need to pass along this info. WWD reports that Members Only is once again being resurrected. The brand has had more comebacks than Luke & Laura and we're not sure why no one has been able to make it stick. By now, we feel the time has passed for MO, and maybe the brand should be shelved for another 12 years until the next generation can "discover" it for themselves. The Members Only Licensing Group,including Seventh Avenue veteran Arnold Simon, and former celebrity tabloid editor Kelli Delaney are working to revive the brand for spring. "We are resurrecting one of the most famous brands in the world, because great brands never fade," Simon said to WWD. We say, let it fade Arnie!





photo: WWD