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Barbarian Agency Is Coming to Capsule Vegas!

January 30, 2014 BY WE ARE THE MARKET



For anyone who doesn't want to look like a sad golfer lost in town, Stutterheim is the raincoat for you. Inspired by generations of Swedish fishermen (including Alexandre Stutterheim’s grandad), the brand reintroduces the classic rubber raincoat for the modern sophisticated man. In an industry that has been over-saturated with boxy Gore-tex and nylon oddities comes something completely different, completely simple and completely Swedish. The colorful and slim silhouetted raincoats are hand stitched or machine welded, 100% made in Sweden by the finest craftsmen in the business of making raincoats. A raincoat should perform its purpose both in style and in function. Stutterheim aims at achieving this goal by embracing Swedish melancholy and staying dry while doing it.



Introducing a new dimension to the luxury menswear market, UNDER is a contemporary underwear brand for men, raising the bar for the humble everyday basic to garments of distinction and desirability.Conceived in London via Amsterdam and crafted in Portugal, UNDER is designed to tackle an unfathomable gap in the menswear market, namely to create luxury underwear with design, quality and contemporary culture at the heart of it – undergarments to match the care and attention that the sartorially inclined man gives to his outer wardrobe.


Daniel Wellington:

After a successful year, Daniel Wellington continues to maintain its strong presence as a premiere watch brand in the United States. With their classical understated design and interchangeable nato straps inspired by british divers, Daniel Wellington aims to reintroduce the vintage watch to the modern audience. Available in 36mm and 40mm casings, these watches exude elegance because in simplicity there is beauty. No complicated tachymeters or unnecessary buttons, just an hour and a minute hand, mated to a Japanese movement. Daniel Wellington: British style, Swedish design, Japanese engineering.



Rain and shoes are a relationship most men tend to avoid. What do you wear when its raining outside, but don't want to wear rain boots and bring a second pair for the office? You wear Rainman. The Japanese brand has constructed the perfect shoes when the weather is wet and the streets are soaked. Rainman revises the classic Oxford, Derby and Brogue Boot out of PVC and Polyurethane, keeping the water out and your feet dry. The rainy day has become something Don Draper can look forward to. He throws on a crisp tailored suit, a sleek blue knit tie and an elegant pair of Rainman shoes.


Kai-aakmann, the fashion-forward clothing label by Korean designer Soonjin Park, features a clean, minimalist aesthetic that sets sharp, assertive lines against more experimental silhouettes. The result: a synthesis of precise tailoring, muted color, with hints of vintage style for good measure. Deconstructing the traditional ideas of menswear, Kai-aakmann strives to create a harmony between masculine tradition and precise tailoring. This harmony results in a brand that speaks to an intelligent, curious, and contemporary customer.