From Ape to Hentsch Man


Inspired by the idea of the perfect summer shirt, Ape to Gentleman and Hentsch Man have presented their first collaboration, affectionately called the "Ape Shirt". There's nothing primitive about the way it was constructed though, with a flattering slim fit, rolled sleeve, and a perfectly fitted "comb pocket" to store the handmade Kent tortoiseshell comb that comes with the shirt. As Hentsch Man explains, this shirt is for "gents wishing to be perfectly coiffed whilst remaining sartorially cool."

You gotta grab yours soon though, because there's only 50 of these fine shirts to be had. Still don't want to put down the money? You're in luck, because they still want to hand one over. Check out Ape to Gentleman to enter in a drawing for one of the shirts, and you just might take one home on June 11.