Adult Summer Camp


For people who never got to experience the unforgettable shenanigans that take place at childhood summer camps, Wandawega may be just what you have been looking for. As an adult there aren't many places you can go to channel that kind of carefree feeling. Camp Wandawega is located on a lakeside of Wisconsin and runs like a summer camp for those over the age of 18. What do you think of when you look back on summer camp experiences as a kid? Fun, heat, girls. Sounds dangerous at this age.

The theme of the camp is nostalgic, it originated as a bootlegger brothel in the 1920's where guys could get their drink and flirt on during prohibition. The camp grounds are just the same as they were 86 years ago, other than the people who decide to visit--now it seems to be more of a relaxation retreat or a getaway for couples. With wooden paneled walls, vintage crossed skis and deer antlers as the decor, the design is reminiscent of that cabin-in-the-woods feel.

Whether you plan on reliving old memories or making new ones, Camp Wandawega is a sure hit. Get your teenage self on.