A Dose of (capsule) Women's: Tiedeken

September 07, 2010 BY CAPSULESNEWS

In only its second season, Berlin-based label Tiedeken has been making significant strides with focused collections and attention to detail for both men's and women's clothing. Be sure to check them out at (capsule) Women's NYC Sept 21-22 and have a look at what's to come for SS2011.

Please provide me with a brief background about your company- when was it started, why? By whom? What is the collection known for whats the signature style?

TIEDEKEN is a Berlin-based fashion label founded in the beginning of 2010. The designers are Regina Tiedeken and Tom Keller. Regina Tiedeken was part of the label "vonwedel & tiedeken, whose graphic design was significantly shaped by Tom Keller. The former Westwood assistant and the product designer now also offer menswear as part of their collection. TIEDEKEN is not only a fashion label. They also aim to position themselves in their previous fields of graphic, multi media, and costume design.

Their first collection was called TETRAHEDRON. Tetrahedron, a volume made of four equilateral triangles, is the most stable unit one can imagine. At the same time it is simple as well as functional, minimal as well as aesthetic. It is more than a geometric figure. It is an ideal, a symbol for what Richard Buckminster Fuller stated in the sentence "Doing the most with the least".

What is the designer inspired by for SS2011?

The new collection, HUMAN SCALE, was inspired by statements of economist Fritz Schumacher. He claimed a come back to human scale, a come back to small clear units, could often solve large, unmanagable problems a lot better than complex and complicated constructs. Schumacher's ideas, which he compiled in his book Small is beautiful in the mid 70s, are not only inspiration for the Berliner designers current collection. They even influence their working methodology, life philosophy and general mindset. Just like in their first collection, where the tetrahedron was their icon, HUMAN SCALE is built on elaborate cuts and patterns, reaching a great effect with little input. Also, the shape of the tetrahedron appears again in the new collection.