A Dose of (Capsule) Paris: Red by Wolves



Red by Wolves is designer Lena Lipp's house of design founded on an absence of gender. In fact, the brand was born of a unisex boot, the buckled Yvan boot, back in 2007. Today, Lipp designs for men women, and those who opt for gender-neutral footwear. In eager anticipation of (capsule) Paris, Lipp answers some questions below.

Whats the inspiration behind the SS11 collection?

The inspiration for SS11 is 1970 cinematography with its desaturated washed out colours and seriocomic storylines, laces and corsetry, Jackson Pollock and Scandinavian concepts of beautiful utilitarian design.

What are some concepts, movements, era, people, music etc that have impacted the design of the collection and why?

The designs are very classic utilitarian, very 1930 Bauhaus style or Corbusier simplified, well designed, affordable art or architecture for your feet.

The last year I have been sharing the design studio with a trendy fixie bike shop and London based garage-synth-rock band Commissar, who use a lot of electronic noise in their music alongside machine like drums, which work like propaganda. After a while you cant stop hearing drums banging which would have been an impossible environment to design anything delicate and quiet. At first the band was rehearsing night times twice a week, which developed into daytime 6 hours 5 days a week and ultimately lead to us all being evicted from the warehouse unit.

The band definitely influenced that collection a lot, thats why I called this collection The Drum Machine.

Because it was impossible to have any meetings at the studio I moved all my meetings to a café round the corner and therefore got most of opinions only from non-fashion-types, people that had never heard of Karl Lagerfeld etc, which was actually quite refreshing for a change - back to basics.

What do you expect will be some key items in the collection?

The conceptual scarves collection, which we will launch for SS2011 has already proved really popular with buyers that got a sneak preview, also I think the trainer version of some classic Red By Wolves designs, like the unisex, buckled Yvan boot, for example, will do really well.

Do you have any other news you'd like to share?

Yes! Unisex Scarf Collection of multifunctional conceptual pieces launching for SS2011!