A Dose of (capsule) Paris: Norsea Industries


IMG_2986 Norsea Industries, a brand native to the UK, first launched in the US at (capsule) in June 2009. Ever since, Steven Banks and company have been channeling the moods of Northern England and crating garments inspired by those worn by the fishermen who work the Isles craggy coast. Banks answers some questions below, and includes some photographs that inspired the collection he will display at (capsule) Paris next week.

Whats the inspiration behind the SS11 collection?

Summers by the sea. The changing face of the Great British resort.

What are some concepts, movements, era, people, music etc that have impacted the design of the collection and why?

Seaside towns started to spring up in the late 19th century as an escape from the newly industrialised cities. The upper classes would travel by steam train to coastal resorts like Bridlington and Scarborough to take the waters at the new Spa's and stroll the promenade. Over time with the advent of cheaper rail fairs the resorts became the playground of the working classes with coal miners from the West Yorkshire pit villages filling the towns on works weeks throughout the summer months.

From the fineries of Victorian resort wear through to the working class utility clothing of 1950's onwards, there is a rich history told through the styles they wore.

Much of our clothing heritage is cast aside by each new generation. So it's great to be able to bring some of it back and reinterpret it into a modern context.

What do you expect will be some key items in the collection?

We have reworked some of the old dress shirts from the turn of the century. Penny collars, gathered sleeve heads and intricately cut panelling on crisp white cotton.

They are quite loose fitting, so perfect for catching the breeze on a hot summers day.