A Dose of (capsule) Paris: Commune de Paris 1871


Commune de Paris 1871The spirit of the French Revolution lives on in Commune de Paris 1871, and thankfully, sans-culottes are nowhere to be seen in the collection. The house takes some time to answer some pre-showing questions.(--Antonio Reis)

 It looks like Edition 2009 is a cohesive, all-inclusive collection featuring everything a man could ever want, from polos and pullovers to pillows and posters. Any other curiosities we can expect in ss10?

Actually, collection you see on our website is a preview of our next ss10 collection. There will be few extra models (others polos, shirts and another bag) that we will show at Capsule, but what you saw is the main part of the collection.


Will the Munchausen partnership continue in ss10?

We will continue our work with Munchausen next season...we are preparing a Christmas limited collection with them for a big french store.


Explain how you feel your designs have fused the revolutionary culture of Paris with fashion.

Spirit of revolution is mainly felt within our collaborations with artists. We asked Munchausen, J. Langendorff and Herman Dune to elaborate 

a multi-field small collection dealing with the theme of Paris Commune. While Munchausen imagined an extraordinary city with codes of Republic, 

Langendorff and Dune focused on ... FIRE, when revolutionaries burnt Paris when they felt that their fight was over...."Paris will be ours or Paris will not exist" (Louise Michel). 

By "Commune de Paris" we also wanted to evoke the city of Paris. That is why a large part of collection uses blue and red  colors (historic colors of Paris), as plain colors, or as details.... 

These colors, added to white, make our flag. It evoked directly the French Revolution 1789, the symbols of the Republic and  the 19th century...until 1871 when a century of revolt ended.

Paris and Revolution are linked for ever...

Do you feel that different cities, with their different energies, receive your designs differently?

In one hand, I think so. The historic event of Paris Commune that occurred in 1871 is not well-know in France, even in Paris. This is still a dark moment of our history and for the  

government. Foreign peoples do not know much about it. Feelings will not be the same, for sure....but this is interesting. Some people will just like designs for what they are, others 

will be interested in looking for meanings. On the other hand, spirit of revolution is universal  and could be understood everywhere. And Paris and France are well-know for the Revolution of 1789. Even now, to a lesser extend, french people is considered as "strike men", never happy with their government.