A Dose of (capsule) New York: Timberland Abington



The purveyors of perfected footwear at Timberland take a moment to answer some questions about the Abington  collection. Brian Moore (VP Men's Footwear) elucidates... (--Antonio Reis)

What was the inspiration for the fall 2009 Abington collection?

It continues to be pre-industrial, referencing a time when most men owned only a few pairs of shoes and needed them to be comfortable, functional and versatile in style. This was before mass production and commodity pricing, when one pair cost a small fortune, would need to lasta long time and be worn with just about anything. We’ve expanded the Fall 2009 Abington collection to look at the outdoors even more than seasons past, and have incorporated new functional materials like wool and sueded full-grain leathers in new silhouettes like Field, Guide and Work boots.

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Are there any new/special features to look forward to in the collection?

Anything new we’ve done isn’t a feature exactly – these products are built in more of a timeless way, where the combination of premium materials and higher quality construction leads to the fit characteristic and functional performance. We try not to rely on new technologies or inserts to improve the quality, but rather just start with a higher quality approach and suite of materials – such as Vibram™ outsoles and Horween and CF Stead leathers – and build out from there.

Why is the Abington collection so unique for the Timberland brand?

In a way it is not unique at all. Abington represents what the Timberland® brand was at its inception - a handful of styles that were built with a purpose in mind, in the highest quality, yet most pragmatic way. Timberland products have since diversified and currently serve a broader variety of needs with a wide range of products. But at its core, Abington represents where Timberland started.