A Dose of (capsule) : Naked & Famous Denim SS10 Preview



We love chatting with Brandon Svarc , Founder & Designer of Naked & Famous Denim. He’s so smooth that somewhere between the news and the weather, you find out your’e stroking the heaviest denim ever made. Svarc puts innovation into every style- with an artisanal approach to making jeans using rare Japanese denim.  This season, the Canada- based premium denim collection is introducing cashmere blend jersey tees, belts, and a 24 ounce selvedge. 

WATM: What are some of the key items/ trends or innovations in the collection for SS10?
 BS: We are introducing a 24oz selvedge denim (pictured left), which is the heaviest denim ever created! It’s almost impossible to weave this fabric and equally difficult to cut make and sew.
 WATM: What are you currently excited about personally right now?
 BS; We found a beautiful leather that I’ve been searching for a while now... it’s a solid 7mm thick bovine leather with beautiful grain (pictured left). It’s one of the thickest leathers in the world, and we’ll make some serious heavy-duty belts from it.
WATM: Where's your favorite place to visit in Paris?
BS: We sell to the L’Eclaireur boutique on 26 ave des Champs-Élysées, so I really love going there to see our jeans sitting at one of the sharpest stores in Europe. Plus the staff is super friendly and fun to chat with.
I do also like Le Marais, it has a great spirit to it. Plus, Le Marais has Mickey’s Deli where you can get a kosher burger with a fried egg on top!