10A: An Interview With Daria Dazzan

August 06, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Daria Dazzan and Matteo Cibic

Born in 2008 from a tailor workshop, 10A is the brainchild of Daria Dazzan and Matteo Cibic. After seeing their impressive SS 13 collection at Pitti, we decided to contact them to investigate their roots and talk about the importance of sourcing fabrics from local manufacturers.

Ciao Daria, would you like to introduce youself and talk about your brand? How everything started?

It started in 2008 when I was doing a maximum of 10 custom made suspender trousers per month, in a tailor workshop for people who asked me, like friends and relatives. That garment later became our icon piece, and we became famous for that. Trousers were our core business and it was working really well for us at that time. As a reaction to some articles about the project and the increasing demand, I decided to expand a little bit; therefore, I did a proper collection, named 10A, we presented it at Pitti, and we had great feedback.

and you did all by yourself?

Of course not. My partner, Matteo Cibic, takes care of the communication and everything that has to do with visuals. We also involve our friend Lorenzo Vitturi, who's a talented photographer formed in Fabrica. Me, personally, I'm taking care of all the styles, patterns, fabrics selection and production. And problems related to production!

Where do you source your fabrics from?

Everything is conceived and produced in Italy with Italian fabrics and accessories. We're in a really good relationship with a fabric factory near Vicenza called Ditta Bonotto, rare place of savoire faire and research on textile; they believe in us, and we always collaborate together to create special looms fabrics rather than a special jacquard.

Do you consider working with suppliers that share the same geographical background an added value to your creations?

Yeah, totally. It works quite well with our background because we're born in an area where trousers have an important tradition and heritage. Also, I think that to have a strong proposal in a vast offer of products, you have to stick to what you are an expert on. We all come from the same area, live in international places and work to edging our local specialty.

What about the next SS 13 collection?

Well, all the recent world events have left us thinking about conflicts, austerity, and discipline, and I think our main inspiration for SS 13 comes from the Navy. It could be a recurrent trend, so we decided to develop this inspiration looking at the functional aspect and the witty tailor solutions more than anything else.

And how did you put that functionality into your collection?

I've tried to think about what a material can offer in terms of temperature for summer, and then I decided to choose linen which is not so common anymore because it gets folded and sometimes it's not so cool to have folds in your collection. So I found out that, if washed before, linen can have more ease, and be soft and fresh.

Words by Enrico Grigoletti