zTailors by George Zimmer Introduces On Demand Tailoring

June 02, 2015 BY LUKE ALLARD


It seems like the latest and greatest ideas in the entrepreneurship world have recently sounded something similar to ‘its like Uber, but for …’

George Zimmer, the founder of Men’s Warehouse, has started his new venture in the familiar industry of suiting, but this time with a more innovative model. Zimmer has set out to create an on demand tailoring network, providing old, ill-fitting clothes across the country with a customized makeover. Additionally, Zimmer is confident that he can help the world’s community of tailors by providing them with increased work opportunity and the ability to take advantage of smartphone technology.

zTailors – z for Zimmer – is a new app and online platform that has developed a network of more than 600 skilled tailors in the United States, and is projecting to be at around 1000 tailors by the end of the year. These tailors are a simple click away; the app or website allows you to schedule your at home or office appointment at your convenience, and will even coordinate a cashless payment at the end of it all.

At $20 to bring in a shirt, or $16 to hem pants, you can familiarize yourself with this new disruptive model over at

Image via New York Times