ZEN TEX Fabrics



In the midst of the #capsuleshow set up yesterday, in between all of the arriving brands was ZEN TEX, a textile supplier known for their high quality japanese fabrics. The company, a favorite in the fashion industry due to their fast turn over rate, amazing patterns, low minimum order and ability to create beautiful custom pieces, set up shop to show the best of the best in contemporary menswear what they had to offer.

Whilst hopping around from brand to brand, we stopped over at ZEN TEX to check out their selections and chat with the owners. This New York based company might have only 20 years under their belt, but with 75 years of experience the crew clearly knows the ins and outs of the fabric business. Their client list, although private, boasts some amazing names, and it's clear that the brands they work with, care a great deal about what their clothes are made out of.

From denim to wool, neon polka dots on canvas, blue linens and simple cotton swatches, ZEN TEX shared a small sample of what they are capable of. And while vendors set up their booths, some stopped by for a beer and were clearly impressed by what they saw. Peep our pics below and check out ZEN TEX's website for more textile goodness.